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  • Car Insurance Quotes: 10 Things to Know When Choosing a Coverage.

    Car Insurance Quotes: 10 Things to Know When Choosing a Coverage.

    Car Insurance Quotes: 10 Things to Know When Choosing a Coverage. Car insurance is a necessity for anyone who owns a vehicle. The truth is, no matter how careful you are, something could happen to your car. But what happens when you need to buy new coverage and you don’t know where to start. Read […]

  • Porsche highlights the merits of synthetic fuels

    Germany stalled the European Union’s plan to ban the sale of cars powered by an internal-combustion engine in 2035. The nation argues that e-fuels can keep the piston-powered alive, and Porsche stands out as the carmaker that has done most of the heavily lifting to prove that this solution is viable; it notably operates an […]

  • How to create an effective website design?

    Your website is one of the first impressions your business makes so it’s highly important that it is as effective as possible. We’ll discuss how in this article. Do you want to succeed in the online world? If so, you need a website. But creating an effective website design is more complex than it seems. […]

  • Liberia: Witness caught impersonating while testifying against Gibril Massaquoi

    MONROVIA – A prosecution witness has been caught impersonating before the Finnish Appeals Court during his testimony against Gibril Massaquoi, an ex-commander with Sierra Leone’s Revolutionary United Front, (RUF). Believed to be “Soldier 12,” who, at a hearing in Monrovia, testified before the Tampere District Court, which subsequently acquitted Massaquoi in April 2021 of charges […]

  • Honda CR-V Luggage Test: How much cargo space?

    The Honda CR-V used to have the largest, most versatile cargo area in the compact SUV segment. No longer. The ballooned Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage surpassed the previous-generation CR-V, and continue to outpace the new generation. My luggage test of the Tucson and Sportage confirmed that, as did this one. So, ah, spoiler alert? […]

  • Asia-Pacific’s benchmark index erases all of its gains for 2023

    Allan Baxter | Photolibrary | Getty Images Asia-Pacific’s leading index erased its year-to-date gains and is now flat in 2023 as bank stocks led declines Tuesday. The MSCI Asia Pacific index hit a low of 155.44 in afternoon trade – marking a decline of more than a 9% from its Feb. 2 high of 171.26 […]

  • Think you’re not dangerously drowsy during a long drive? Bet you are

    A sign on the Bruce Highway south of Mackay, Australia. (AFP/Getty)   When in doubt, take a nap. In fact, take a nap even if you’re not in doubt. Pull off the road and stop the car, sip a coffee and close your eyes. That’s some of the advice offered based on a study presented […]

  • VW to build first North American EV battery plant in Canada

      WOLFSBURG, Germany — Volkswagen said on Monday it will build its first North American battery cell plant in Canada, granting its cars access to both Canadian and U.S. subsidies as it works to localize its electric vehicle production chain in the region. Volkswagen confirmed in December it was looking for sites for a plant […]

  • EVs don’t need as much maintenance: Here are key differences

    EVs don’t need oil changes and other maintenance-related things that gas-powered vehicles do. Tim Levin/Insider; Pininfarina Gas-powered vehicles require maintenance like oil changes and more. EVs are mechanically simpler and more electronic, requiring less routine work. Still, there are key nuances to EV maintenance that drivers should know. Taking your car to the shop will […]

  • Which Bid Strategies Require Conversion Tracking?

    All bid strategies make decisions to best meet an end-goal, this article will explore how they work, what types they are and how they link to conversion tracking. Search engines offer a range of bid strategies designed to help advertisers react more quickly to auction conditions, placing appropriate bids for a given keyword, query, or […]

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